What do we create?

Motion Pictures

We are a Dutch independent video production company.
We design marketing videos mostly for social media.
Promotionvideo’s, commercials & aftermovies.

With our network of creative freelancers we create short powerful video content for your audience timeline.

Behind the scenes





Pre Production Is the process of getting everything we need together
to successfully execute the film  before we even start shooting. 
Pre-production begins with idea’s and planning.
Video-portrait, wedding or commercial,
Together we can make a storyboard to bring the idea’s to the screen.


We are always looking for the perfect shot. 
Kids playing on the beach in South-Africa during sunset. 
or a early sunrise on a typical cold morning in the Austrian Alps 

Telling your story and capturing memories in a creative way
is the most important thing in his video-production 

Lets make a beautiful story.. Together!!


Film Editing is the technical & creative part of the post-production process of film making. 
We work with prores 4k footage, and combining them into sequences to create a finished motion picture.

By using Colorgrading techniques, Music & Sound fx he can determine the mood of the film.